enterprise top tasks seminar

customer experience excellence requires a new enterprise

Learn how to deliver an excellent customer experience by understanding and managing what is most important to your customers—their Top Tasks. A customer experience metric you can control. Our seminar will happen at NUMA Paris on Monday 25 April 2016.


a new management model

Learn about a management model that truly focuses on the experience your customers have when they are using your website or app. Top Tasks Management puts you in control. Firstly, it helps you identify—with compelling evidence—what matters most to your customers (or employees, if you have an intranet). Then, the Task Performance Indicator gives you a precise metric on the performance of these tasks. It is a metric you can control—unlike traditional customer satisfaction metrics—because once you fix what is wrong with your customers’ tasks, the Task Performance Indicator score will improve. With Top Tasks, you will be able to prove to senior management that you do deliver real value to the organization.

enterprise design

Top Tasks is an enterprise design model because to manage tasks requires an interdisciplinary, organization-wide approach. As Martin Hardee, Director for Cisco.com has stated, “Implementing Top Tasks required coordinated effort from multiple IT teams, usability and experience design people, and content editors.”

proven method

Top Tasks has been developed by Gerry McGovern over a 10-year period and has been implemented more than 400 times in 30 languages. Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Google, IKEA, The European Union, The US Internal Revenue Service, and the BBC are just some of the organizations that have used Top Tasks to deliver simpler and faster experiences for their customers and employees.

seminar focus


This masterclass is about giving you the methods to focus on what your customers really want when interacting with your enterprise. These methods are particularly beneficial for digital channels such as large, complex websites and intranets. Top Tasks Identification helps you clearly identify the top tasks of your customers AND the tiny tasks. It is about developing a consensus based on data within your organization about what is important—and what is not important—to your customers.

You will be shown how to do the comprehensive analysis in order to discover the full range of tasks that your customers have. Once the task list is ready, you’ll be shown a unique polling method where your customers vote on what tasks really matter to them. When you first see the voting approach, you simply won’t believe that it can work. But it does. It is designed to create a league table of up to 100 tasks, clearly and unequivocally showing the top tasks and the tiny tasks. For example, in a typical vote the top task might get 2,500 votes, the last tiny task in the table might only have a vote of 4. The data is that clear, that compelling. It will show you what to focus on and what not to focus on. It will help you to convince important stakeholders about what the future online strategy should be.


The second part of the masterclass is the Task Performance Indicator, which measures the performance of your customers’ top tasks—their true experience when they are using your app or website. Building on usability and time-and-motion study disciplines, this is a remote-based testing method that measures:

Success rate: How many customers are actually able to complete top tasks?

Disaster rate: How many customers think they’ve completed the task correctly but have in fact left with the wrong answer?

Completion time: How long does it take customers to complete top tasks on your website?

The Task Performance Indicator is part of a continuous improvement model for customer experience, where you focus on doing things that increase success rates and reduce time on task. It’s a new model of customer-centric management. You judge success based on customer outcomes (task completion), not organizational inputs (websites, apps, etc.).

learning objectives

task identification

Cutting edge technique to clearly identify your customers top tasks.

  • How to develop the initial task list
  • How to set up the voting poll
  • How to analyze the results

task performance

How to measure the performance of your customers’ top tasks.

  • How to create task questions for testing
  • How to select participants for testing
  • How to run a test
  • How to analyze results
  • How to create a continuous improvement model


Session 1: A Customer Experience metric

  • How Top Tasks truly measures the customer experience
  • Top Tasks as part of Enterprise Design
  • How Cisco uses Top Tasks as a Key Performance Indicator

Session 2: Top tasks identification

  • Sources for a task list
  • How to refine your list of tasks
  • Creating category / demographic questions
  • Getting your customers to vote on the tasks
  • How best to analyze the results

Sessions 3/4: Task Performance Indicator

  • Why we need metrics based on customer outcomes
  • How to select participants for testing
  • How to develop task questions for testing
  • How to run a remote task performance test
  • Analyzing the results
  • Best practice in presenting results